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Shrinkwrappers made in BERGAMO!

20-01-2021 10:00

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Shrinkwrappers made in BERGAMO!

Shrinkwrappers made in Bergamo!











Bergamo and its province dramatically enter the history and the common imagination as the “citt à d ’ adoption ” of the Covid-19 virus. For ò Bergamo is not the city of fear. Bergamo has proved to be the city of rebirth, the city of the

desire to act and the city of desire to fight and start again. It is precisely in the province of Bergamo that IPackPro has its bases and thanks to the collaboration with Giemme Thermo Packaging Machinery (MinipackTorre Group) which offers its

own packaging machines to the beverage, food and non-food market with film.The Giemme Thermo Packaging Machinery shrinkwrappers offer packaging solutions with plastic

film, film + pad, film + tray or tray only.Suitable for medium / slow productions (maximum 30 packs / minute) they are positioned for markets such as small sources, breweries, oil mills, production of coffee

è, sugar refineries or mills, production of preserves, personal care and home care production of technical and non-technical items.In food & beverage we offer our shrinkwrappers to package plastic and glass bottles, aluminum cans, tinplate cans, bags and boxes.


Altair The range starts from ALTAIR machines with cadences within 10 packs / minute with manual processing versions , semi-automatic or automatic. Machine for production with packaging in plastic film only.


Sirio Then it passes at speeds up to 22 packs / minute with the SIRIO series where the shaping of your package is always with management of

only the plastic film. ALTAIR or SIRIO can have in-line or 90 ° loading.


Gamma For more sustained productions, IPackPro offers the market shrinkwrappers with sealing bar method of the GAMMA

series. The GAMMA series consists of versions with film only, film + pad or film + tray.

Cadences from 18 to 22 packs / minute or in the fastest version (single track with tray) up to 25 packs / minute are reached.


VegaUltima but not least (indeed …) comes

VEGA.VEGA è the fastest shrinkwrapper in the catalog where you can reach up to 30 packs

/ minute in a single lane. É the most modern version of shrinkwrappers with ‚ film launch solution ” , suitable for products where centering is needed d in the printing of the film in the package, where medium working speeds are required, where it is possible to produce packaging in film only, film + pad, film + tray or only packaging with tray.


CentauroA part of machine that unites all the previous ALTAIR, SIRIO, GAMMA and VEGA is the CENTAURO shrink tunnel as it is usually integrated in the packaging line but can also be supplied as a stand alone machine for customers who need it . The

tunnel is heated air and with variable lengths and number of chambers according to the desired speeds and the type of plastic film to be shrink-wrapped.

For your new projects, replace existing lines with new models MADE in BERGAMO do not hesitate to visit the dedicated section of our website and contact us directly for on-site advice. Follow

us also on our social channels to stay updated on new solutions. ions that the partners of the IPackPro group studied in the year 2020 and are ready to launch in the

year of rebirth.

For more information www.ipackpro.it or through the social channels Linkedin, Facebook and Youtube.

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