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Co. P. Ind. Ltd. - New PARTNERSHIPS

22-04-2020 07:44

MT Agency Italy

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Co. P. Ind. Ltd. - New PARTNERSHIPS

MT Agency Italy + Co. P. Ind Srl NEW PARTNERSHIP



Co. P. Ind Srl





A Team of 60 people, 2 plant production in the province of Bergamo. Warehouse with 80% of products in stock. These are some of the numbers of Co.P.Ind. Srl


More than 40 years of HISTORY at your service:


Founded in 1969 with the name of G. Prey Adhesives to the Industrial and Production specialization of natural adhesives for tubes, bags and cacchetti paper;

In 1979 he installed the first mixer for adhesives water-based;;

Born Co. P. Ind. and it is the 1987

In the years 2000 to begin the big changes:

-> 2005 - new sales organisation and Technique;

-> 2006 - installation of the first mixer, for HOT-MELT adhesive;

-> 2007 - the mixer of the HOT-MELT adhesive to become 2;

-> 2009 - there is no two without 3 and the mixer for the HOT-MELT increase;

-> 2011 - 4th mixer of the HOT-MELT adhesive, when it is said to have perseverance!

-> 2018 - construction 2nd factory;

-> 2019 - Installing the new mixer, for HOT-MELT adhesive specific for Pressure Sensitive Adhesive


and then, in 2020, the collaboration with MT Agency Italy and the confluence IPackPro - Italian Packaging Product.


MT Agency Italy acquires the commercial responsibility for the north of Italy (Valle d'aosta, Piemonte, Liguria, Lombardia, Veneto, Trentino Alto Adige, Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Emilia Romagna) and for Switzerland. Areas covered: PACKAGING AND LABELLING.


Visit the dedicated section on adhesives industrial Co. P. Ind.



Fortunately, we are in the digital age, in the was that meeting each other is a little easier, in the age of the CORONAVIRUS.

To comply with the regulations of the state and especially for the respect of the health of the persons concerned to deepen our products and currently still are unable to a meeting at your home,


he activated all of the channels most popular for virtual meetings:

Phone - Email - Skype - Whatsapp - Zoom - LinkedIn - Facebook.

So what are you waiting for? Stay on the train for the FUTURE!

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