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IPackPro - solutions for the secondary packaging, and tertiary - a new partnership

04-05-2020 08:53

MT Agency Italy


IPackPro - solutions for the secondary packaging, and tertiary - a new partnership

IPackPro - solutions for the secondary packaging, and tertiary - a New partnership




Italians PACK it better



MT Agency Italy & MASPE S. p.a. together for the supply of packaging machines and palletization.


Born 50 years ago thanks to the collaboration between the sig. Mainero and one of the most important Italian food groups, then also it of sizes irrelevant, the company specializes in the secondary packaging, and tertiary in the food market.

The acronym of the name suggests immediately the dna and the ability of the employees of the company.

                                                                     MASPE is SPEcial MAchine


Those who are born with the intent and the desire to create the firms for the packaging more difficult, it certainly has the technical knowledge to go on adventures traditional and non-traditional.


MASPE S.p.a. has the house in Pianezza in the province of Turin, the known world to the importance of automation in the processes, engineering is also linked to the world of food.


The range of machinery from packaging to secondary and tertiary products from the company, and, by his important collaborators, stressing its history of innovation, makes MASPE S.p.a. to can provide different solutions:


- forming of trays;

- machines for the cluster and wrapping with paper;

- combined machines for forming, filling and closing for american boxes,wrap around  case and tray + lid;

- islands of the inspection, control and pick & place of the product;

- robotics in palletizing;

- transport systems;

- customised systems.


Everything you need for your packaging process!


Another ITALIAN excellence that adds to the group IPackPro!


The markets for Italy in which IpackPro offers solutions MASPE are the most differentiated, all with knowledge of the process concerned.

- Milk and milk derivatives (milk carton, cheese, yogurt, ricotta, etc.);

- Baked pastries (croissants, cakes, basic pastry, etc);

- Sweet cream (wafer, chocolates, tiramisu, etc);

- Frozen products (pizzas, fish, ice cream, etc);

- Pasta;

- Food in general (meat, sliced meat, poultry, etc.);

We also operate in the packaging of products in the world of bottling, such as:

- Bottles of detergents;

- Cans and tinplate cans;

- Bottles;

- Chemical products;

- Pharmaceutical and cosmetic.

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