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Milk and milk derivatives - solution for the packaging!

29-07-2020 08:00

MT Agency Italy

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Milk and milk derivatives - solution for the packaging!

Milk and milk derivatives - solution for the packaging!















What is better and healthy, if not a glass of fresh milk or a piece of cheese?

The market of milk and its derivatives, covers an important part of our diet. To be able to provide, however, each person's daily ration is needed to produce the best product. And you can offer the best product packaging poor!

That's why IPackPro places itself at the market of cheeses, yogurt, mozzarella, and fresh milk and not cream, the ad-HOC solutions for this specific segment of the basic mediterranean diet.


Adhesives Co.P.Ind in the milk & cheese industries with the following solutions:


- Hot melt glue for the closure of the boxes;

- Hotmelt adhesives for the formation of trays;


- Adhesive coldglue for the labelling of glass bottles

- Adhesives, pressure sensitive for labeling machines Roll Feed


Are you ready to launch a new trainer to wrap around H WRAP?


The ideal solution for the packaging of milk, long-life packaged in convenient bricks in paper/aluminum

Simac offers to the market of fresh milk solution suitable for bottling from A to Z.

<- Watch the video of the milk of austrian bottles of glass

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