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Re-packing and Re- bottling. Solutions for beverage and canning

07-10-2020 10:00

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Re-packing and Re- bottling. Solutions for beverage and canning

Re-packing and Re- bottling. Solutions for beverage and canning

IPackPro and the solutions for re-packaging and re-bottling

Subcontractor companies are becoming more and more fundamental: promotional campaigns, production support, new marketing project.

That's why IPackPro is the ideal partner for repacking and rebottling teams.

We offer turnkey solutions, new production or cheaper second use solutions.

From the single machine to the complete line, thanks to the collaboration between the various partners, we satisfy the most diverse needs and requests.


We start from the de-palletizare bottles, cans, containers in stagnant band, we create production flows thanks to custom



Finally we transfer in the best and safe way possible your daily production on pallets thanks to palletizers studied and always built

by Movipack.


This with the experience of Movipack specializes in container handles.


Then we get to label the stored product, create the custom dress and then be marketed in the best way.


Simac puts his experience in low- and medium-speed labeling.



Your item in every item is then packed according to the most diverse requirements:

- American box;

- Wrap around boxes;

- Trays with film; 

Our packaging department entrusted to Maspe Spa and Giemme Thermo Packaging Machinery meets the highest packaging requirements.


IPackPro is always different for the choice of Italian partners, with years of experience and flexibility of small companies that join a large group.


Don't have doubts, contact us and we will provide you with the best advice for your product.


For more information www.ipackpro.it or through our social channels Linkedin, Facebook and Youtube.

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