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Complete Line for DETERGENT



Complete Multi Brand line. PET bottles format from 0.5 to 1.5 LT; composed of a 18 weight filler. Already prepared to manage 4 different caps, including the trigger. The line has just been decommissioned, ready to be installed by the new customer Possibility to purchase it as it is or to request different adaptations and format changes according to need.



Type:         COMPLETE LINE

Brand:       MULTIBRAND

Model:      CUSTOMIZED

Speed:      6,000 bph



Bottle straightener:                                     LANFRANCHI

Weight filler with 18 taps:                           OCME LIBRA

8 heads capper (trigger + 3 different caps):  FEEDER CAPS

Speed:                                                        6000 B / H L

Labeller:                                                     SIMAC

Shape, fill and close cardboard:                   F.A.M.S.

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