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Second hand Monoblock MBF

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Monoblock with rinser 16 seats , the filler 18 valves, capper with 3 head satin cork.

Brand MBF


In addition find 2 single machine for screw alluminuim caps and machine for shrink capsule.

The machine stopped a few month ago and needed a rewamping.

Working for for a standard bottle (0,75 lt) for red and white wine, liqueurs but without gas.


Guaranteed 1 year.





Type: Triblock          (washing, filling, capper + second capper and shrink capsule)

Brand Name:            MBF

Model:                     16/18/3 heads

Capping machine:     Satin cork cap, screw alluminium cap, thermoforming capsule.

Speed:                     2.000 bhp 


Filling machineMonoblock MBFFilling Monoblock MBFFilling MBFBottling MBFRFiller machine MBFBottling wineFilling for wineMBFSyncrofill MBFSyncrofillFilling SyncrofillRobino e GalandrinoCapper
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