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Multiblock for bottling



The latest generation, semi-new Multiblock with only 2000 working hours, supports up to 15 different formats with automatic adjustment.

Composed of 45-gripper electro-pneumatic rinsing machine, 45-tap electro-pneumatic filling machine, 8-head nitrogen corker and satin corker, and 8-head aluminum screw capper.
Sanitization system and automatic chip tank.
The Multiblock is semi-new ready to be assembled at the customer.


Type:                  Multiblock (rinse, fill, stop, stop)
Speed:                7000 b / h
Formats:             15 different
Rinsing machine:  45 electro-pneumatic grippers, recovery and              recycling of the product included
Filler:                  45 electro-pneumatic taps, automatic format change
Capper 1:             8 heads with satin cap with nitrogen insertion
Capper 2:             8 heads with aluminum screw cap

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